Why was this page created?

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Hi there,

on this page I'd like to give you an idea of why I created this page.

Over the last years I watched a lot of video courses on Udemy. A few instructors of this courses made communities based on Discord. I registered for two of them and tried to help others with their questions.

At some point I was frustrated with Discord for the following reasons:

  • Unstructured messages in channels, so everyone could ask and answer
  • No possibility to relate an answer to a specific question, so you always have to reference a user
  • No code editor which is a real issue for coding communities

After learning all this stuff on Udemy I always wanted to make something out of it. That's when the idea for this page/platform was created.

Now after two weeks of work during my holidays you can register and start asking questions!


If you have any questions regarding the platform itself, please ask them in the "General" section.

If you have any issues with the platform, you can create new issues on GitHub. The link to the repository of this page can be found in the footer.

If you are not comfortable with GitHub, you can always write an email. Simply click the envelope icon in the footer.

Have fun!

This platform was created for fun and should be used for having fun.

Please be open to any questions user might ask, be polite with your answers.

If you want to report a question or an answer. Send me an email.


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