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On this page I'd like to show what's possible with this platform. To have a better overview, each main feature has its own answer.


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Registration, login and your profile

Before you can create any questions or answers, you have to register first. Unfortunatly Directus - which this project uses as backend - does not have a real way of allowing public registration. Therefore I have to activate your account after registering.

After that you can login and ask your questions or answer the ones others created.

In your profile which you can reach by clicking your avatar or username, you can change your avatar or your password and get a quick overview of your last questions and answers.

Latest topics, category lists and the search

When you visit the page you will land on the index page. There you see up to 200 questions ordered by creation date in descending order. Announcements are also inlcuded in the normal order.

When you click a category in the sidebar, you will only see pages that were directly created in this category or in any of the existing sub categories. Here accouncements will always be at the top of the list.

Index page with latest questions at the top
Index page with latest questions at the top

You can search through all categories/questions/answers by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F or by clicking the search box at the top of the site.

In addition, you can click on any existing tag, to get a list of all questions with this tag.

Create or edit a topic or an answer

After logging in you can create a new topic/question or reply/answer to an existing one. To do so just click "New topic" on every list or "Ask" inside your profile.

Because the editor for creating a new topic is very complex, there will be a separate topic for explaining all the functionalities.

You have to enter at least the following information:

  • Select the category for your question
  • Question or title of the new topic
  • Content must have at least one block

In addition you can also add tags to your question. This could be something like vuejs or react. Tags will help people with certain knowledge to find similar questions quickly.

Vote for question or answer

Sometimes it will be wise to vote a question or an answer up or down, depending on the content. If you think this is a real good question or the answer helped you a lot, then upvote it. If you think a certain answer will cause issues or can have security impact, then downvote it.

You can only vote after logging in.

Someone can only vote for questions or answers others gave. Or in other words, you cannot vote for your own stuff.

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Accept an answer

If you are the creator of a topic, you can accept one answer as the correct one.

This will help others to identify the correct solution to the problem you described.


I'm very happy to announce, that from now on, comments can be created and edited for questions and for answers!

This is how comments look like. -- NextDirectionDE at Invalid Date edited by NextDirectionDE at Invalid Date
And if the comment is edited, a small pencil indicates it. If you hover over the pencil, it shows when and by whom it was edited. -- NextDirectionDE at Invalid Date edited by NextDirectionDE at Invalid Date
Content will also be sanitized like normal pages. -- NextDirectionDE at Invalid Date edited by NextDirectionDE at Invalid Date
And like for questions and answers, you can also format text in comments -- NextDirectionDE at Invalid Date edited by NextDirectionDE at Invalid Date


Administrators can now create or edit announcement directly from the page. Previously this was only possible by modifying a page in the backend after it was saved.

Existing questions can also be converted to announcements.

In the future there might be a moderator role which could also be able to create announcements as well.

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